Petit Chou

Indulge in delicate flavors with every bite

Petit Chou offers two sizes of Chou

Individual and cocktail-size

to better suit your needs.

Dina Glore is the founder and owner of Petit Chou.

Trained at the Institute of Culinary Education in NYC, Dina's cooking is highly influenced by her experience traveling and living in different countries around the world. Her travels sparked her love for cooking, which she originally pursued independently by taking cooking and baking classes from schools like Le Cordon Bleu, before finally obtaining a degree in Culinary Management from ICE.

Dina was born in Lebanon, before moving to Belgium as a child, and later living in France, Japan, and the USA.  Her international background is reflected in the choux themselves, which have European, Asian, Middle Eastern, and American flavors. Dina never stops experimenting with different baking styles and tastes - her excitement for novelties has no boundaries.

Dina finds inspiration in the big names of the French pastry world, such as Christophe Michalak, Christophe Adam, and Philippe Conticini. Their enthusiasm and innovation modeled her approach and shaped her brand.


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